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Misty Comics

Misty Comics and Annuals

Misty Annual 1985

Cover of 1985 Misty Annual

Forget about Eva Green or Megan Fox, if there ever was a woman that I wanted to look like the honours would have to go to the cover girl for Misty comics.  Drawn to perfection, she stared out from the covers with her otherworldly look. With flowing long black hair which was in dark contrast to her pallid complexion, she was more than beautiful. She was exquisite. Animals of the night such as bats, cats and owls always accompanied her. The mysterious and enigmatic enchantress didn’t belong to our world but the world of the supernatural.

Misty "The Sin Eater"

“The Sin Eater” from Misty Annual

First published in 1978 by Fleetway London, the weekly comic only lasted about two years. The comic’s stories dealt with horror and the supernatural.  Spooky tales of psychic schoolgirls, cursed dolls, cat cults, revenge and evil djinns to name but a few.

I adored the comic but what really tickled me pink were the holiday annuals. I think there was eight in total. The annuals had the usual stories about strange things happening to poor schoolgirls but what I really loved best were the features. Over the weekend, I reread some of my old annuals and the features are still fantastic. You could discover whether you had any extra sensory perception skills by using Zener cards. Other articles included information about star signs, lucky numbers and different personality types.  I especially loved the article entitled Curious Meanings. It told you about the real meanings behind some of the most common sayings and customs we use today.  My favourite custom now is clinking glasses together to wish someone well.  I was surprised to find out that a long time ago people believed that the Devil resided in alcoholic beverages.  They would clink glasses to frighten him away.

Childhood memories of my mum, my sister and I going to jumble sales and mum buying up all the girl’s comics for us is one that I still cherish today.  Comics played a huge part of my childhood such as old favourites Jinty and Tammy but Misty was by far the coolest. Over the years, I have kept all of them for my daughter to read. And now Misty is her favourite as well. This morning, I was thrilled to read online an article by David Barnett in The Guardian that a new version of Misty is to be relaunched by Rebellion the owners of 2000 AD Comics. My ten year old daughter and I are really looking forward to see how these spine-tingling stories will go down with the modern generation of school girls.

As we say in Ireland, “Slainte”.