Coming Soon


I am currently  working on a number of books two are coming soon:)

The first book being edited has the working title Bly Bickersmith

Bet you thought a moon was just a piece of rock that orbits around a planet! Well this is not the case for cheeky chappie Bly Bickersmith whose adventure begins when he is suddenly whisked off to a mysterious moon. Where is he? Why is he there? Who is the big bad wolf who wants to bring him for something to eat?

Chapter 1 Bly Bickersmith Sneak Peek


The second book’s working title The Wall

There are no schools, no libraries, no playgrounds, no dog poo, no computers, no doors or windows, no toilet roll, no houses or shops just a wall. Oh! And some very strange looking people .

Update, Holeys in the Wall out now The Holeys in the Wall



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