The Holeys in the Wall

Excerpt of the first chapter of The Holeys in the Wall.

Chapter 1

The Holeys

There stood a great big wall full of Holey people and nothing else. Yes, that’s what you just read. Read it again if you don’t believe me. Go on give it another go!

No busy schools, no libraries to learn in, no noisy playgrounds, no humming computers, no open doors or closed windows, no rotten rubbish, no happy houses or sweet shops, just a wall and Holey people.

The Wall was made out of gigantic ancient stone. Smooth and clean, free from any plant life, it was coloured white. It was so bright there was no need for lamp posts, torches or even candlelight.

As for the Holeys well, they were very different to you and me. They called themselves Holeys because they had four large holes in their bodies. I am not talking about ear holes, nose holes or mouth holes here. I am talking about enormous gaping holes.

Hole No. 1 was very important. It was on top of a Holey’s head. This hole housed little people. These people had families just like you and me.

Hole No. 2 was in a Holey’s chest. It held acres upon acres of lush crops and orchards full of colourful fruit to feed everyone.

Hole No. 3 had all sorts of animals roaming around in it, from sharp toothed sharks swimming in deep blue seas to scratching monkeys in dark jungles. They all lived in a Holey’s hairy belly button.

Hole No. 4 was a weird one, it was in the back. This was where the weather was kept. Lightening, thunder, sun, hail, rain and snow all played happily side by side.

The Holeys were great big giants and their job was to hold up the Wall.



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